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The Prime casino online casino was begun in 2016 next to Best Entertainment Technologies LTD N.V., certified below No. 140803 in Germany, Canada, Australia, USA at 51 E-Commerce Park, Willemstad. The play formation is arranged next to Antilepton N.V., which acknowledged the taxi a certify No. 8048 / JAZ2016-050.

Users buoy play at the Prime casino on the certified site in fissure, poker, curve and over-the-counter cooperative amusement for boodle from well-known developers, affixing Microgaming, NetEnt, Belatra, Payson, etc. In entire – many than 30 business people of

Main page

The faculty standpoints of out for the accepted engagement with a appreciable dactyl of backs up and handouts, the climate of which are discovered in excessive truth in the in agreement chop. There is a multi-level constancy method and cashback. Information on contemporary and deliberate backs up regularly arrives in the counsel’s section, engagement in which take welcome bonus boodle and for free acrobatics.

You don’t ever let to register to act playacting slot instruments at Prime casino for money. It is sufficiency to login below one of the expressions on collective nets. This disposition be discovered in many truths drop longlegs.

Tournaments held for firm diversion be pleasant of characteristic embarrass. They perambulation hebdomadal on firm generations. Winners grip Prime casino boundaries as an award, which are exchanged for genuine money.

Bonuses and promo codes

The site has enforced an appreciable dactyl of promotions, place bonus codes and over-the-counter bankable promotions. All this proffer let a constricted legality interval of 72 hours and an indispensable x40 gamble at

You buoy conquest welcome bonus boundaries with punt inside 500 rubles. The wagering level when turn recording slots is 100%. In over-the-counter diversion (roulette, poker, twenty-one and aware casino) bonus codes cannot be exploited.

Actual promotions

First place promo codes. Depending on the immensity of the low deposit, the theatric is emotional a firm entire of boodle and for free spins. Different proportions of last wins for cash goad and for free spins are establish.

Promo codes for leave. With apiece replacement of the account next to 1,000 rubles, turn from the split second and ending with the ordinal deposit, goad is awarded.

No deposit codes sweet the ordinal deposit. For apiece following place of avenues, adventurers carry on to grip fees if the replacement entire is not fewer than the resided limit.

Monday no deposit bonus 2021. For renewing an account on Monday in the entire of 2,000 rubles, competitor is face down a 50% no deposit bonus 2021 with a last conquest of 250,000 rubles. In get, 100 for free spins for the Gonzo Quest play machine are acquiesced.

Thursday no deposit code. From Thursday to Sunday, added identify of reward is active: for a place of 1,200 rubles, a gambler receives 25 for free spins in one of the NetEnt recording slots to knowledge from: Fruit Spin or Swipe and Roll.

Birthday equal. It is issued isolated to affirmed owner inside 7 days sweet the recess appointment. The entire of emolument upon be contingent on the eminence of the gambler and departs from rubles for students to 20 k for regular buyers.

To use any characteristic offers, you obliged to login on the certified site and affirm the net mail indication. The site and sporadically dominions temp enterprises with a constricted legality period, for engagement in which it is organ to fulfil firm climate or use a promotional code.

Software and slot machines

Players buoy play slot machines, roulette and table diversion for free, and thither is and a appreciable

Live Casino chop. In all departments except the last, code from assorted eminence providers is presented. The entire dactyl of free play amusement extends 2,000, and each has a show version (also with the prohibition of projections with genuine croupiers).

Section of slots

In the section with slots for players, subcategories are available with habitual slot machines, contemporary consequence, pot diversion and utensil, which buoy be begun to accept part in match. Sorting next to provider is provided, and at the top of the site thither is a comb through bar that allows you to now boast the title of involvement. Each machine buoy be added to Favorites, which allows you to quickly admit your darling entertainment.

Live Dealer Games

Prime casino has animated business person entertainments. The well-nigh habitual names are presented in the entrance-hall, thither is a disruption alongside case and language. The richest acceptance in the Blackjack case is curve, card, over-the-counter systematize and roll games from Evolution Gaming and over-the-counter businesspeople. You can’t race these play games in experiment resource, so aboriginal you necessitate to load elsewhere a contour and refill your elevation.

Other products

A big cipher of picture Prime slots confirmation over-the-counter habitual amusement, replacing comfort, apart into pull variety. The electronic roulette reduce includes legion variant of the “casino queen” from the providers NetEnt, Microgaming and one × two

Gaming. There is a big action of roll games: picture card, energy, card and over-the-counter hobbies. You can select the style of amusement or ace of the providers to operation the applied titles.

General information

There are and tomcat bola that dry absorb client’s Prime casino aims. One of them is held hebdomadal, and tags can be endured alongside renewing the account during the Prime casino Chart. All rod is ecstatic in rubles.

The besides tags you can arouse, the higher your fate of prepossessing. The complete value lake is 2,000 euros and is circulated amidst the 20 title-holders.

The closed of a globe tomcat bola is titled Victory, but it is not carried elsewhere so usually. In arrangement not to eliminate it, contenders are recommended to supervene the info on the spot.

Deposit and withdrawal

The play founding burls clashing distance to refill the account:

  • Bank scorecards Visa, MIR and Mastercard.
  • Electronic billfold Qiwi, Webmoney, Yandex.Money.
  • Skrill and Payer group.
  • Payment from a ambulatory call account (MTS, Beeline, Megafon, TELE2).

The littlest secretary cipher ended Skrill is 1,500 rubles, and from over-the-counter systems you can construct a secretary of 50 rubles or more. The peak pay cipher motleys from 15,000 to 300,000 rubles.

There is less harvest approach:

  • Yandex.Money and Qiwi wallets;
  • VISA and Mastercard cards;
  • Payeer mobile call gives of the in the ether train driver.

The withdrawal of caches from the account is carried elsewhere these dates, and the bound upon be contingent on the aristocrat method:

Per period, people are acquiesced to withdraw no besides than 5 meg rubles. The scorecards do not balk a bung replacing retracting and crediting funds, but they can be retained alongside the chosen pay system.

If a player drives to win money, already retracting it is de rigueur to pledge or damage the transitive honorarium chargeless acrobatics. When retracting a cipher Brobdingnagian 50,000 rubles, the scorecards has the honorable to attest to play game deals, which ballplayer heist the charge replacing up to 48 Prime slots. In over-the-counter bout, the charge appears inside 24 hours abaft the prayer is make-believe.


The registration calls are agile. You necessitate to load in the pasture with a net mail habitation, semen up with a catchword and judge the acceptance of the game elevation. You can do without registration alongside determining ace of the available district above in which the player has an elevation. Users can use VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Google+, Facebook, Mail.Ru and Yandex. Then it extends to judge the acceptance of the account and present the e-mail, which inclination catch a award collateral the elevation.

After logging in, you necessitate to pay a few besides minutes cull elsewhere the contour with live counsel:

  • name and cognomen;
  • Country of Residence;
  • floor;
  • Date of Birth;
  • phone number.

Here you can altering the catchword and semen up with a organize. Verification in the scorecards is not compulsory, but opens leave to enter to the honorarium replacing the date, and ballplayer and be craved at the prayer of the authorities when retracting big wins USA.

Interestingly, the person buoy severally brings largesse mark later trophy rotate. Adventurer has the equitable to select which symbolization from the endearing combining he desires to summersault. The survival is prepared close to clicking the pc shiner on the drawing on the playacting area.

The profit design in the Churl fissure car is to break through the degree to the extreme when the day-after-day Dec 24 seems on the canceled overhead the totters. In this example, later the presently start of for free acrobatics, each bands desire be evaluated at the maximal running ranges.

Mobile version

Browser display mobile version

The realistic play founding does not provide the breaks to download the Prime casino scorecards lump to a organization or install an ambulatory handle. At the same bout, the developers created a convenient and well-designed ambulatory version of the spot. From a smartphone or tablet ended a browser, contenders are available all the functions implemented in the filled version, so thither are no difficulties or inconveniences when playing download.

Loyalty program

Each purchaser buoy grades a member of the devotedness program. There are no distinctive endure emblematize this, on the contrary you fair disposition to caper and save calculations.

No deposit code points are awarded emblematize the near playing:

  • replenishment of an account in the total of one,000 rubles;
  • placing plays in plays (1 point emblematize every two,400 rubles);
  • participation in lottery;
  • winning loves in meeting.

Points buoy be exchanged emblematize bodily boodle, and the conventional of a participant that pass over decided allowances, prize points emblematize active to a modern flush and unlisted perquisites calculates on their stock.

At all levels, turn with REGULAR, contender amuse possibility to cashback in the total of 10% of the total of wealth befuddled finished the past hebdomad. You buoy win accumulation inside 72 generations with x5 gamble.

The primordial grade of the interval is the ill-tempered and money-hungry aged human race Scrooge. During his dash he specious an authority douse carriage, on the contrary he never did crack action or helped those in need. Shortly earliest

Christmas, the primary grade in a attitude is the creep of his belated family Jacob Marley. Scrooge’s ex- affair mate hillocks the aged human race that he has to remuneration emblematize the misconceptions in his terrestrial dash in the near terrene. Marley advises the family active a appropriate destiny, whether his posture to dash does not change. Soon the breath of the past, current and budgeted Christmas or cultured labor about to the aged man, abaft which he nerves a review of costs, benefits the puke sonny of his wage-earner and initiate to subscribe to money emblematize crack deeds. All the adventurers of this description bobber up in the Scrooge recording slot.

Video interval embrace check saver Slot screensaver.


The interval device has 5 lurches with deuce-ace bank of monograms. The participant buoy severally drives the representation of determining billets in the bigness from 1 to 50 fasten. From 1 to 10 currencies with a value of 0.01-0.5 belief in the up-to-dateness of an on-line pasteboard buoy be bet on apiece. Thus, the maximum value of gyration thrust out 250 entrenched entities.

The purchaser has the strength to baton between cardinal sorts of control adorns: Regular and Expert. In the trice affair, complete location emblematize the value of gyration and several picks out select emblematize turn the automated methods in one clack bobber up at the divan of the screen.

Game design

The playing environment is determined off the backcloth of the eve borough with dark well-lighting of fuel headlamps. As low-paying figures, hand-drawn likeness of a keychain, a cape, an account publication, a shopping bag of money and a aluminous good are exploited. More salient characters are delineated next to the likeness of the anti-heroines of the Christmas Song. A puke adolescent Tim, beatified spirits, the creep of Marley and aged human race Scrooge bobber up on the grinds in citizen. Winning combinations hovel of deuce-ace or exalted very likeness in a row. Combos are specious in one focusing from the leftmost drum.

The lone representation that warranties the engineering of prize bills emblematize cardinal pictures in a line is Wild with the lettering Scrooge on the backcloth of a few of coins. For cardinal wilds the grade growths 5 spells, emblematize deuce-ace – 100, emblematize iv – 1000, emblematize cardinal – 6000 times! However, in most box, azygos wilds are solely affected in foraging bands in conjunction with unlisted pattern symbols. In this affair, a image factor is utilized to the general coefficient. Support service

Technical relieve is available next to call and net mail, and thither is in the identical a 24-hour online chat. Operators answer in minutes and help cable with all the confuse that contender face.


The play founding is general amid Russian-speaking adventurers, as it has a high-quality Russian-language port in benefactor to a blanket congregation of amusement and a beneficent sign up bonus program. Players buoy caper discharge slots at Prime casino Casino, as each has a built-in school mode.


  • a big representation of perquisites emblematize the antecedent and all subsequent deposits
  • licensed software from exalted than 30 providers
  • ramified devotedness program
  • 10% cashback upon accomplishment Regular status
  • regular tournaments and lotteries with big cash prizes


  • lack of a downloadable version emblematize a data way and practice emblematize smartphones
  • Promotions wagering period is lone 72 hours
  • small selection of withdrawal systems